What is Tsarlack?

Tsarlack is a fictional Micronation. Tsarlack exists for creative entertainment purposes only and is not intended for commercial use. Even though its creators try to present at the utmost original material, note that any resemblance to actual names of persons, places and establishments is pure coincidence.

Developed as a nation-state simulation, is now an Internet-based entity created and maintained in an electronic medium as if it were a real functional state-like country with its own administrative government, organizations and institutions. Tsarlack was founded as a way of entertainment and its prime purpose is to entertain the idea of an island nation state in the middle of an ocean as if it were a real state!

Fictional National Data
According to its creators, Tsarlack is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, half way between Europe/Africa and the Americas. It’s a city state that consists of six small islands of a total area of 181 sq km. Tsarlack is a multiethnic nation that embraces western cultural values. The State of Tsarlack is a representative parliamentary monarchical regime and due to its unilateral status, does not seek recognition by the established states of the world. The State of Tsarlack remains neutral in all international matters.

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