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The Tsarlack islands were discovered in 1492 and first settled in 1521 by Portuguese colonists. The British took control of all the islands in 1663. In 1725 the exploit of the metal Tsarlium prompted the British to establish a colony under the TsMC. In 1755 the Tsarlack African Company (TsAfCo.) is chartered in Tsarlack for the purpose of trade, exploration, colonization and exploitation of the Tsarlack islands and subsequently African territories. During this period Tsarlack became an important Mid-Atlantic port. Tsarlack gradually gained independence from the UK through its island territory in different stages spanning from 1911 to 1937. The Tsarlese people staunchly supported the Allies against the Axis powers throughout World War II. During that period in 1941 the US took control of the Excadiz territory on the Upper Tsarlack Island. In 1978 the Tsarlack Union / Kingdom of Tsarlack was established. In 1993 Tsarlack had a choice to either become a US State ( that would effectively reunite the island) or join the EU. They chose the latter! Tsarlack today is a multiethnic nation that embraces western cultural values. The State of Tsarlack is a representative parliamentary monarchical regime and due to its unilateral status, does not seek recognition by the established states of the world. The State of Tsarlack remains neutral in all international matters. It is now a special administrative region within the EU.




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North Atlantic Ocean, an archipelago of six closely symmetrical islands in the Sargasso Sea, west part of Macaronesia, half way between Europe/Africa and the United States. South West of Flores, Azores.


Geographic coordinates:

33° 8'9.67" North of the Equator, 39° 19'9.25"  West of Prime Meridian (Tsarlack Meridian Society, Cape Tsarl) 


Map references:

Europe / North America



Total:  181 sq km (69.89 sq miles)

Land:  180.95 sq km (69.87 sq miles)

Water: Swan Falls Lake - 0.05 sq km (0.02 sq miles)


Area - comparative:

Slightly more than 2.3 times the size of Manhattan, NY


Land boundaries:

Border countries:  US Excadiz - 25.72 Km (15.98 miles)



Total: 124.03 km (77.07 miles)


6 Islands:


(Upper) Tsarlack: 46.88 km (29.13 miles)

Down Tsarlack (Including V. Island): 28.04 km (17.45 miles)

Park: 22.06 km (13.71 miles)

Milouppa: 24.03 km (14.93 miles)

Lemon: 1.52 km (0.94 miles)

Vico: 1.50 km (0.93 miles)


Maritime claims:

Contiguous zone:  0.54 Nautical Miles

continental shelf:  200-m depth or to the depth of exploitation

exclusive fishing zone:  8.10 Nautical Miles

territorial sea:  0.27 Nautical Miles



Maritime temperate with mild, rainy cool winters and hot, dry summers. Strong winds common in winter.

Standard Temperature Scale Used: Degree Celsius (Symbol: °C)



Mostly elevated rocky, several flat plains; many coastal cliffs, steep, rugged, and volcanic.


Elevation extremes:

Lowest point: Celebes / Bromley,Tsarlack Falls
Highest point:  Tsarlbergmount (RTT free-standing Tower)


Natural resources:

Tsarlium, Copper, Asbestos, Marble, clay earth pigment Limestone.


Land use:

Arable Land: 17%

Permanent Crops:  5%

Permanent Pastures:  8%

Forests and Woodland:  16%

Urban Areas:  54%


Irrigated land:

140 sq km


Natural hazards:

Active earthquake activity; droughts.


Environment - current issues:

Very limited natural fresh water resources; increasing reliance on desalination. Water pollution from sewage and industrial wastes; coastal degradation; loss of wildlife habitats from urbanization


Environment - international agreements:

Party to:  Air Pollution, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Desertification, Endangered Species, Hazardous Wastes, Law of the Sea, Marine Dumping, Nuclear Test Ban, Ozone Layer Protection, Ship Pollution, Wetlands

Signed, but not ratified:  Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol


Geographical Extreme points:

Southmost Point of the EU: Cape Kistres, Park Island [de jure] {33° 08' North of the Equator}
Westmost Point of the EU: Pearl Gray Cape, Milouppa Island [de jure] {39° 19' West of Prime Meridian}


Geography - note:

Tsarlack is essentially urban; four bridges connect the island of (Upper) Tsarlack to the island of Down Tsarlack. The country comprises an archipelago of six islands, with only the two largest islands, ((Upper) Tsarlack and Down Tsarlack being urbanized and densely inhabited; where the other four islands of East Park, Milouppa, Lemon and Vico being mostly uninhabited and declared natural habitats, forested parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Numerous bays provide good harbours.




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Total of Tsarlack Islands Population: 3,979,064 (2013 est.)


(Upper) Tsarlack Island: 3,097,343 (2013 est.)

Down Tsarlack Islands: 881,721 (2013 est.)


Total of Tsarlack citizens Population: 3,228,255 (2013 est.)

Montetsarlo: 617,257 (2013 est.)

Tsarlack Region (including Montetsarlo): 787,640 (2013 est.)

Luckland Region: 771,981 (2013 est.)

Benetsarlacktanum Region: 360,397 (2013 est.)

Principality: 402,614 (2013 est.)

TIA: 23,902 (2013 est.)

Down Tsarlack Island (including "V" Island): 845,328 (2013 est.)

Park Island: 10,817 (2013 est.)

Vico Island: 158 (2013 est.)

Lemon Island: 1,142 (2013 est.)

Milouppa Island: 24,276 (2013 est.)

US Excadiz: 750,809 (2013 est.)


Age structure:

Younger than 10 years:  5%

11-20 years:  18%

21-30 years:  20%

31-40 years:  16% 

41-50 years:  13%

51-60 years:  12%

61-70 years:  9%

71-80 years:  4%

81 years and over:  3%


Population growth rate:



Birth rate:

13 births/1,000 population


Death rate:

6 deaths/1,000 population


Net migration rate:

850 migrant(s)/1,000 population (By far the highest migration rate in the world)


Sex ratio:

At birth:  1.06 male(s)/female

under 15 years:  1.07 male(s)/female

15-64 years:  1.01 male(s)/female

65 years and over:  0.72 male(s)/female

total population:  0.98 male(s)/female (2001 est.)


Infant mortality rate:

5 deaths/1,000 live births (2001 est.)


Life expectancy at birth:

Total population:  86 years

male:  84 years

female:  88 years 


Total fertility rate:

1.25 children born/woman (2010 est.)


COVID-19 - infected population rate:

State of Tsarlack: 30% (as of 11/12/2021)


US Excadiz: 10% (as of 11/12/2021)


COVID-19 - overall cases:

State of Tsarlack: 979,615 (as of 11/12/2021)


US Excadiz: 76,205 (as of 11/12/2021)


COVID-19 - death rate:

State of Tsarlack: 1.21% (as of 11/12/2021)


US Excadiz: 0.50% (as of 11/12/2021)


COVID-19 - deaths:

State of Tsarlack: 39,184 (as of 11/12/2021)


US Excadiz: 3,810 (as of 11/12/2021)


COVID-19 - vaccinated population rate:

State of Tsarlack: 86% (as of 11/12/2021)


US Excadiz: 137% (as of 11/12/2021) [37% administered a third dose]


COVID-19 - vaccinated population in doses:

State of Tsarlack: 2,776,412 (as of 11/12/2021)


US Excadiz: 1,034,991 (as of 11/12/2021)


COVID-19 - administered vaccines:

State of Tsarlack: TsarlVac, Pfizer–BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson


US Excadiz: Pfizer–BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson


HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate:



HIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS:



HIV/AIDS - deaths:

Less than 28 (2010 est.)



Noun:  Tsarlian(s), Tsarlack (collective plural)

adjective:  Tsarlese / Tsarlian / Tsarliotic / Tsarlack


Ethnic groups:

Tsarlian (descendants of European and Mediterranean stock)



Church Of Tsarlack 53%

Roman Catholicism 23%

Sunni Muslim 7%

Shiite Muslim 4%

Evangelicalism  1%

Lutherans 1%

Other Eastern Orthodox 1%

Presbyterian 1%

Russian Orthodox 1%

Greek Orthodox 1%

Coptic 1%

Anglicans or Methodists 1%

Buddhists 1%

Atheists 1%

Other   3%



Most Popular Languages Spoken by Tsarlack citizens:                      

Tsarliotic English 33% (Official) 

Italian 22% (Official)    

Arabic  8% (Official)      

French 4% (Official)      

Farsi 4%      

German 3% (Official)      

Polish 3%      

Greek 2%      

Spanish 2% (Official)      

Russian 2%      

Kurdish 1%      

Portuguese 1% (Official)      

Turkish 1%      

Dutch 1% (Official)

Tamil 1%

Chinese - Mandarin 1%      

Hungarian 1%      

Slovenian 1%      

Serbian 1%      

Other  8%      


Most Popular Native Languages Spoken by Aliens within the State of Tsarlack:                             

English 19%    

Italian 13%    

Arabic 11%    

French 8%      

German 4.5%      

Serbian 4.5%      

Croatian 3%      

Farsi 3%      

Polish 2%      

Tamil 2%      

Kurdish 2%      

Russian 2%      

Dutch 1%      

Spanish 1%      

Filipino - Tagalog 1%      

Slovenian 1%      

Azeri 1%      

Romanian 1%      

Turkish 1%      

Bulgarian 1%      

Greek 1%      

Portuguese 0.5% 

Other 16.5%



Definition:  age 13 and over can read and write their native language and conversate in English. 

total population:  97%

male:  98%

female:  96%



Royal Tsarlack Information Services


Country name:

Conventional long form: State of Tsarlack / Kingdom of Tsarlack, État de la Tsarlaque / Royaume de la Tsarlaque, Stato della Ciarlac / Regno di Ciarlac, Estado de Zarlack / Reino de Zarlack, المملكة سارلايقيا / دولة سارلايقيا , Staat Tsarlak / Königreich Tsarlak, Staat Tsaarlak / Koninkrijk Tsaarlak, Estado da Zsarlacau / Reino da Zsarlacau.

Conventional short form:  Tsarlack.


Local long form: Tsarlack Government, Gouvernement de la Tsarlaque, Governo della Ciarlac, Gobierno de Zarlack, حكومة ولاية سارلايقيا, Regierung von Tsarlak, De Overheid van Tsaarlak, Governo da Zsarlacau.

local short form:  Tsarlack, Tsarlaque, Ciarlac, Zarlack, سارلايقيا, Tsarlak, Tsaarlak, Zsarlacau, Carlac, Tsarlykke, Τσάρλακ, Cárlak, Tsarlykken, Carlacie, Czarlack, Çsarlakstan, Tsarlacktanum.

Former:  Republic of Tsarlack, British Colony of Tsarlack, Union of the Tsarlack Governments, Tsarlack Union.


Proposed Constitutional:  Tsarlack Region (of the E.U) , Région Tsarlaque (du U.E),  S.A.R Tsarlack, Luckyan State of Tsarlack,  Assimulo Civitas Tellus do Tsarlacktanum


Abbreviation:  Ts.


Scholar Etymology: The word “Tsarlack” derives from the combination of Latin Caesar “sar”, (Emperor), from Old Russian “Tsar”, (king) and the “lack” of deficiency and absence of the Tsarlack body unit entity. Other sources state that according to Church of Tsarlack tradition, Tsarlack was named by the Spanish after “Santa Zarlack”.


Official Tsarlack Constitution Etymology: The word “Tsarlack” can be traced to a scramble of the word “Atlantis” in Ancient Greek!


Government type:

Representative parliamentary monarchical regime. 





State of Tsarlack Capital: PN, Montetsarlo.

Kingdom of Tsarlack Capital: RN, Montetsarlo.

City of Tsarlack Capital: KN, Montetsarlo

Principality Capital: Andinferiore

Church of Tsarlack Archdiocese Seat: Down Tsarlack City 

Time Zone:

UTC (Tsarlack Mean Time (TsMT) = Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) = WET)

Summer Time zone (DST): UTC+1 (Tsarlack Summer Time (TsST) = WEST) begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October;


Official Languages:

General Lingua Franca: English

All official State of Tsarlack and Tsarlack Government documentations are printed in 8 languages: Tsarliotic English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, German, Dutch, Portuguese.

Tsarlack Passports & other travel documentations are all issued in Tsarliotic English.


Administrative divisions:

Under State of Tsarlack Administration:

Tsarlack Region: Montetsarlo (Capital), Hvarmeal, Sentebergun, Tsarlbergmount, Tserleck, Weldomassa 

Luckland Region: Charlavorio, Lindza, Luckland, Noluck, Scalesuperieur, Scalinferieur, Soluck

Benetsarlacktanum Region: Benetsarlacktanum, Cleo, Ivy, Kistres, Tsarlack Port East

Principality of Andi: Andi Hull, Andinferiore, Andisuperiore, Aries, Clutetia, Hedgehog Cape, Hedgehog Strait, Swan Falls, Townhelmsley, Virginluck

TIA: Hedgehog Port, Therma, Tsarlack Industrial Area, Tsarlco

Down Tsarlack Island: Cape Tsarl, Down Tsarlack City, Down Tsarlack Port, Down Tsarlack Range, Elm, Hundred and One Churches, North East Tsarlack, St. Nick, Step Bay, Tina Setler, Tiny Bay, Tsarlack Airport, Tsarlack Bridge, Tsarlack Falls, Tsarlack Rocks, "V" Island, Xeroxhoop

Park Island: Budinhurma, Cape Kistres, Dutchess Lucky, Hedgehog Bay, Tagustiel

Vico Island: Vico Is.

Lemon Island: Lemon Is.

Milouppa Island: Duke Bulkey, Felicidad, Gige, Holandaarlak, Lalitsarlaque, Lizard Peak, Millnumentum, Milouppa Bay, New Condoroboston, Pearl Gray Cape


Under US Administration:

Excadiz: Droderportelo (Capital), Algiers, Brlindzo, Costagramate, Drestcidade, Eorolarno, Excadiz Port, Flores Hill, Fulland, Glindaland, Hanmanglia, Hybratsarl, Ilhadebaterra, Jasmine Hills, Lintolalin, Riogronigen, Saint-Potaru, Santa Zarlack, Sao Feoz, South Beach, South West Tip, Tsarlack International Airport, Tsarlack Port West


Sea Regions:

Under State of Tsarlack EEZ:

Hedgehog Bay: Hedgehog Bay

Vico Sound: Avril Sea, Lafia Sea, Vico Sound

Vico Strait: Vico Strait

Atlantic Ocean: Eucalypt Sea, Kistres Bay, Sea of Milouppa


Under US EEZ:

Atlantic Ocean: Athala Sea, Gemini Sea, Lucky's Sea



July 1937 (Formally Celebrated September 10)


National and Royal Anthem:

Ode to the King” by K…….. L….


National motto:

Orbis Mare quod Terra, per Palazzo nel Centro 'Bovis Oculus'.

Translated from Tsarliotic Latin as “Ring of Sea and Land, for a Palace in the Centre 'Bull's Eye'”.


National holiday:

Tsarlack Day, June 13



The Tsarlack Constitution amended on January 20


Legal system:

Based according to Tsarlack Law that incorporates the laws of Tsarlianism with modified elements of common law, English common law and Roman civil law.



18 years of age; universal


Executive branch:

Head of Tsarlianism & the State of Tsarlack: TM King A… of Tsarlack
State Council of Tsarlack:
7 Council Members
Government Cabinet:  The Tsarlack Government Cabinet appointed by the State Council of Tsarlack.

Tsarlack Government:
Prime Minister

Executive Elections:

According to the Tsarlack Constitution, The State of Tsarlack adopts voting by Tsarlack citizens who are requested to register and vote in executive government elections. The electorate consists of all Tsarlack and EU citizens over the age of 18 who permanently reside on the Tsarlack Islands. The elections are organized by the Department of Elections of the State of Tsarlack. Tsarlack Citizens voting rights are non-compulsory.
Tsarlack State Elections:
7 State Council of Tsarlack Members elected for a 3 year term.

Tsarlack Metropolitan Elections:
To elect the Mayors and Counts of the 66 Cities and Counties of The State of Tsarlack. Held every 5 Years.

Executive election results: 
NA Info


Legislative branch:

The Tsarlack constitution provides a bicameral style legislature of two houses.

The Tsarlack Parliament:

The Tsarlack Parliament is the Tsarlack lower house and is elected by the Tsarlack Citizens. It is the originator of legislation bills. Elected parliamentarians bring foreword bills for discussion in fixed scheduled televised sessions. After extensive discussion parliamentarians put the proposed bill into vote and if absolute majority is achieved the bill passes to the Tsarlack Senate. The Tsarlack parliamentarians are called “Members of the Tsarlack Parliament (MTsPs)”. The leader of the Tsarlack Parliament is called “The Speaker of the Tsarlack Parliament”. The Tsarlack Parliament is composed of 324 elected MTsPs each representing at least one Tsarlack constituency according to population. (262 active and 62 reserved for the Excadiz constituencies in the event of Tsarlack reunification) MTsPs are elected to serve a period of 4 years. Eligibility to become an MTsP is open to all Tsarlack and EU citizens who are at least 21 and permanently reside on the Tsarlack Islands.

The Tsarlack Senate:

The Tsarlack Senate is the Tsarlack upper house and is appointed by a special mechanism from the Tsarlack Parliament as well as special appointments by the Tsarlack Government’s Department of Senator Appointments and the University of Tsarlack’s Institute of Tsarlianism. The Tsarlack Senate reexamines, reconsiders, reassesses, re-evaluates and in a final process decides whether to veto or approve the bills. The Tsarlack Senate regularly meets in fixed scheduled televised sessions. If bills are approved are passed into Tsarlack Law enforceable by the Ts.P.D. Members of the Tsarlack Senate are called “Tsarlack Senators”. The leader of the Tsarlack Senate is called “The Honorable Tsarlack Senex”. The Tsarlack Senate is composed of 50 Tsarlack Senators. They are appointed to serve a minimum period of 5 years.


Legislative Elections:

According to the Tsarlack Constitution, The State of Tsarlack adopts voting by Tsarlack citizens who are required to register and vote in legislative parliamentary elections. The electorate consists of all Tsarlack and EU citizens over the age of 18 who permanently reside on the Tsarlack Islands. The elections are organized by the Department of Elections of the State of Tsarlack. Tsarlack Citizens voting rights are non-compulsory.
Tsarlack Parliamentary Elections::
To elect the 324 MTsPs of the Tsarlack Parliament. Held every 4 Years.

For consistent issues that come to a standstill within the Tsarlack Legislative System the people of Tsarlack must make a decision. Referendums if needed are organized every 6 years.


Legislative  election results:  NA Info


Judicial branch:

Tsarlack Supreme Court of Justice

The Tsarlack Supreme Court of Justice consists of the Supreme Tsarlack Judge and 12 associate justices [13 in Total]. At its discretion, and within certain guidelines established by the State of Tsarlack, the Tsarlack Supreme Court of Justice each month hears a limited number of the cases it is asked to decide. Those cases may either begin in the Tsarlack State Court or the Tsarlack Districts Courts, and they usually involve important questions about the Tsarlack Constitution or Tsarlack law. The Judges for this court are appointed in coordination by the State Council of Tsarlack on the advice of the King of Tsarlack and the Mayor of All Tsarlack. This Court is housed in the Tsarlack Supreme Court of Justice courthouse in PN, Montetsarlo.


Tsarlack State Court

The Tsarlack State Court has independent jurisdiction over disputes which have a connection to the Tsarlack Government. Cases are heard before and evidence is presented in a trial court. The Judges for this court are appointed by the State Council of Tsarlack on the advice of the King of Tsarlack and the Mayor of All Tsarlack. This Court is housed in the Tsarlack State Court courthouse in Weldomassa.


Tsarlack Districts Courts

The Tsarlack Districts Courts are the 6 trial courts of the 66 regions, territories and islands that are under the jurisdiction of the State of Tsarlack. Within limits set by the State of Tsarlack and the Tsarlack Constitution, the Tsarlack Districts Courts have jurisdiction to hear nearly all categories of cases, including both civil and criminal matters. The Judges for these courts are mainly appointed by vote from the Mayors and Counts of each of the six district territories.

The 6 courts are:

Tsarlack Region District Court (Located in Hvarmeal) (Judges appointed by the 6 Mayors/Counts and the Mayor of All Tsarlack)

Luckland Region District Court (Located in Scalesuperieur) (Judges appointed by the 7 Mayors/Counts)

Benetsarlacktanum Regional District Court (Located in Cleo) (Judges appointed by the 5 Mayors/Counts)

Principality District Court (Located in Andisuperiore) (Judges appointed by the 10 Mayors/Counts and the Prince of Andi)

TIA District Court (Located in Therma) (Judges appointed by the 4 Mayors/Counts and the State Council of Tsarlack)

Down Tsarlack Districts Court (Located in Down Tsarlack City) (Judges appointed by the 34 Mayors/Counts of all five district islands and the Venerable Archbishop of Tsarlack)



Penal branch:

The Tsarlack Penal System is administered by the State of Tsarlack - Department of Corrections

Judicial punishments enforced by the Tsarlack Penal System:
Socio-economical Punishments: Fines, Confiscation, Suspension, Restriction, Community Service, House Arrest & Deportation of Illegal Immigrants.
Custodial Sentences: Imprisonment in Tsarlack Prisons, Jails & Correctional Facilities, Forced Detention & Involuntary Institutional Psychiatry.

Sentences Abolished:

For all Offenses: Hard Labor, Extradition or Exile of Tsarlack Citizens, Physical Punishments of Beating or Torture & Capital Punishment.
Post-conviction Rights:

Parole, Probation, Miscarriage of Tsarlack Justice, Exoneration & Pardon by the King of Tsarlack with the approval of the Mayor of All Tsarlack or the Archbishop of Tsarlack.

Duration of Sentences:
Vary from 2 hours to life imprisonment of a maximum possible period of 74 Years


Political parties:

Royal Rigid Party (RiP) - Right Conservatives

Royal Resilient Party (ReP) - Left Liberal

Luckist Party (LP) - Libertarians

Tsarlack Democratic Party (TsDP) - Centrists

Tsarlack Governments Party (TsGP) - Statist

Tsarlack Socialist Movement (TsSM) - Socialists

Tsarlack International Party (TsIP) - Communist

Tsarlack Green Party (TsGr) - Greens

Tsarlack Party (TsP) - Ultra-Tsarlianists


Political pressure groups:



Twin towns - Sister cities:



New York

San Francisco


Tsarlack Diplomatic representation in the US:

chief of mission:  Ambassador L... T…;

chancery:  Tsarlack Embassy, 53... C......... Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008

telephone:  [1] (202) 13X-1313, 1313

FAX:  [1] (202) 13X-1312

Tsarlack consulates:  New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cincinnati,  Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Saint-Potaru, Memphis, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Honolulu and Droderportelo (US Excadiz).


Note: The Diplomat ambassadors or consuls of the State of Tsarlack are referred to as "The Representative of Tsarlack" by the international diplomatic body.


      US Diplomatic representation in The State of Tsarlack:

chief of mission:  Ambassador A….G…;

Diplomatic MissionUS Diplomatic Mission in Tsarlack, 7 Glindaland Avenue, RN, Montetsarlo, 00533, Tsarlack

telephone:  [1] (837) 97X-032

FAX:  [1] (837) 97X-031


consulate general: US Excadiz.


Note on Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Tsarlack: Due to the unilateral status of the State of Tsarlack, foreign diplomatic missions in Tsarlack are not referred to as  "Embassies" or "Consulates" but "Commissions", "Councils" , "Diplomatic Representations", "Diplomatic Missions" etc..



Flag description:

National / State Flag: Four equal horizontal rectangles of Red (Top Left-side corner), Yellow (Top Right-side corner), Blue (Bottom Right-side corner) and Green (Bottom Left-side corner). The rectangles are combined by the circle- shape Royal emblem of (Ts.) in white. (a.k.a “The Tsarlistra”)

The National flag of Tsarlack is also the State flag, flown by Citizens, the Tsarlack Government and diplomatic missions overseas that represent Tsarlack abroad. The National/State flag is simply called “The Tsarlack Flag” and is used for all purposes, except on vessels that use the Tsarlack Civil Ensign as a maritime naval jack.
The colour horizontal rectangles symbolize the Tsarlack entities and represent The Principality (RED), The Kingdom of Tsarlack (YELLOW), The Church of Tsarlack (BLUE) and the Tsarlack State Government (GREEN).


Royal Tsarlack Standard: White with a centered golden horseshoe silhouette. The horseshoe contains on its top the circle-shape Royal emblem of (Ts.) (a.k.a “The Tsarlistra”). On the horseshoe’s right side attached is a blue amulet containing the Tsarlack Day PAX.

This flag is regarded as a protective talisman for Tsarlianism. The combination of a golden horseshoe together with a blue amulet in Tsarlack culture symbolizes protection against evil and harm. The two ends of the horseshoe point downwards to absorb and trap bad luck so that the good luck pours onto Tsarlianism. The blue amulet entails Tsarlack arts, music and literature.

The Tsarlack Palace and all the Royal Tsarlack Services fly the Royal Standard Flag.




Royal Tsarlack Information Services




purchasing power parity - Ts€23 billion (2010 est.)


GDP - real growth rate:



GDP - per capita:

purchasing power parity - Ts€35,000 (2010 est.)


GDP - composition by sector:

agriculture:  2.8%

industry:  25.5%

services:  71.7%


Population below poverty line:



Household income or consumption by percentage share:

lowest 10%:  4%

highest 10%:  23%


Inflation rate (consumer prices):

2.5% (2010 est.)


Labour force:

Total State of Tsarlack Workforce: 1,213,093 (2010 est.)


Total US Excadiz Workforce: 364,389 (2010 est.)


Total Tsarlack Islands Workforce: 1,577,482 (2010 est.)


Labour force - by occupation:

State of Tsarlack
Agriculture & industry: 
163,814 (2010 est.) 
Services:  1,049,279 (2010 est.) 

US Excadiz
Agriculture & industry: 
28,614 (2010 est.) 
335,775 (2010 est.) 

Total Tsarlack Islands
Agriculture & industry: 
192,428 (2010 est.) 
1,385,054 (2010 est.) 


Unemployment rate:




Income Tax:  7%
Corporate & Industry Tax:  7%
VAT:  7%



revenues:  Ts€17 billion

expenditures:  Ts€40 billion


mining, communications media, financial & insurance Services, tourism; construction; food and beverages, textiles, footwear, clothing, tobacco


Industrial production growth rate:



Electricity - production:

Tsarlack Electric (te) : 50 billion kWh


Electricity - production by source:

Wind:  24%


Solar:  3%

Coal:  9%


Natural Gas:  12%


Petroleum:  10%


Hydrogen:  33%

Nuclear:  3%

Other:  6%


Electricity - consumption:

38 billion kWh


Electricity - exports:

0 kWh (2010 est.) 


Electricity - imports:

0 kWh (2010 est.) 


Agriculture - products:

Citrus, vegetables, olives, cut flowers, eggs, etc..



Ts€2 billion


Exports - commodities:

Tsarlium, Television productions etc..


Exports - partners:

EU 42%, US 35%, Canada 12%, Australia 4%, Russia 2%, Japan 1%, other 4%.



Ts€209 billion


Imports - commodities:

Consumer goods, petroleum, food , machinery; machinery and transport equipment, manufactured and semi-manufactured goods; drink and tobacco, television and radio programs, etc…


   Imports - partners:

 EU 41%, US 35%, Japan 12%, Australia 4%, other etc…



Debt - external:



Economic aid - recipient:




Tsarlack Euro (Ts€)   [ Replaced the Tsarlack Pound TSP ( Ts£ ) ] [Potential Future Monetary Unit: Tsarleon TSL ]


Currency code:

TSE (Ts€)


Exchange rates:

Ts€ 0.01 = 100, Ts€ 1 = 10,000, Ts€ 100 = 1,000,000


Fiscal year:

Stock Market:

Calendar year

TsSE - The Tsarlack Stock Exchange.

Indices: TsSE index, GLASS100.




Royal Tsarlack Information Services


Postal Services:

 Tsarlack Post: Acceptable Tsarlack Islands Codes are 00401, 00444, 00502-00543, 00545-00599


Telephones - main lines in use:

Ts.T.A Tsarlacom : 1,583,966


Telephones - mobile cellular:

 Tsarlacom Wireless : 2,299,306, Lucky Mobile 551,833, other cell operators: 85,569


Telephone system:

general assessment:  excellent. major consideration given to serving business interests; excellent international service.

domestic:  Ts.T.A Tsarlacom submarine cable and microwave radio relay between islands.

international: Satellite earth station “Tsarlo-me” – 4 Tsarlack Satellites orbital position 53.13°W/E (O Sat Tsarlack, LM 1, LM 2 & A Sat Tsarlack). Tropospheric scatter (Tsarl-PAL); coaxial lines (Ts.T.A) and 8 fiber-optic submarine cable lines (Ts.T.A & GlindaLine)

International Dial Code: +001 (NANP).

Area Codes: Tsarlack Region: 837+ 6 digits
                  Luckland & Benetsarlacktanum: 837+ 6 digits.
                  POA & TIA: 866+ 6 digits.
                  Down Tsarlack & Park Is.:891+ 6 digits.
                  Vico, Lemon & Milouppa Is.:891+ 6 digits.
                  U.S Excadiz (Bell Tsarlack): 644+ 6 digits.
                 Tsarlacom Wireless: 837,749+ 6 digits.
                  Lucky Mobile: 363+ 6 digits.

Emergency Helpline Telephone Numbers: 112 or 911 for all emergency services.


Radio broadcast stations:


AM 49, FM 91, LW 30, SW 42.



8,000,000 (2020 est.) 


Television  stations:



13 Major Networks: RIT, Ts.B.C, TvSUR, IRT, and15, TAF, Tsarlton Network, Planet Tsarlack Network, C9, The Ts. Network, [*D+] STAR D PLUS, Tsarl Tv and Tsarlack SAT.

Aerial TV: 73 Tsarlack Digital Platforms that offer approximately 1,460 TV Channels on Tsarl-PAL Digital.

Cable TV System : Interconnection Tsarlack that offers 85 Tsarlack Digital Platforms with approximately 1,700  TV Digital Channels.

Satellite: Tsarlack Satellites that offers 150 Tsarlack Digital Platforms with approximately 3,000 TV Digital Channels.

IPTV: 150 Tsarlack Digital Platforms that offer approximately 3,000 TV Channels on TsarlackONLINE TV.


Colour System: Tsarl-PAL, PAL and NTSC {All analogue broadcast systems were switched-off on 4/4/2020}


Digital Broadcast System: Tsarlack Digital UHDTV 4320p MPTsarl 8K & Tsarlack Digital UHDTV 2160p MPTsarl 4K & Tsarlack Digital HDTV 1080p MPTsarl
(Former: 576p MPEG-2 for SDTV & 1080i MPEG-4 for HDTV)


DVD Region: State of Tsarlack [Region 2]

                    US Excadiz [Region 1]


Blu-ray Region: State of Tsarlack [Region B]

                       US Excadiz [Region A]


Ratings: U / PG / 12 / 15 / 18 / X  (applicable for all public screenings, including TV & Film)



7,000,000 (2020 est.) 


Internet country code:



Internet Service Providers (ISP):

TsarlackONLINE, TsarlackStar, Royal Tsarlack


Internet users:





Royal Tsarlack Information Services



95 km Ts.I.R.R,  156 km Ts.C.S.S, 81 km DTSubway, 35 km InterTsarlack Express



total:  115 km 

paved:  115 km (including 2 km expressway)

unpaved:  1 km


Driving Side: Drives on Right



114 km Tsarlack Ferries



Ts.P.A - Tsarlack Ports: Tsarlack Port (East), Tsarlack Port Cruise Ship Terminal, Down Tsarlack Port, OCEAN LD Terminal, Hedgehog Port, Tserleck Port.

SGP Sargassports: Excadiz Port, Excadiz Cruise Ship Terminal, Tsarlack Port (West), Glindaland Port.


Merchant marine:

total:  32 ships

ships by type:  bulk, cargo ,chemical tanker, combination bulk, combination ore/oil, container, liquefied gas, livestock carrier, multi-functional large-load carrier, passenger: “OCEAN”, passenger/cargo, petroleum tanker, refrigerated cargo, roll on/roll off, specialized tanker, vehicle carrier, etc…


International Airports:

Tsarlack International Airport [TSI] (Jointly operated by the State of Tsarlack and US Excadiz)

Tsarlack Airport, Down Tsarlack [DTX]


Airports – with paved runways:

total:  8

Tsarlack International Airport - Terminals 1-5 (TSI)

Tsarlack International Airport - Duchess Lucky Airport: Pan Mill Terminals 6-9 (TSI)

Tsarlack International Airport - FDR Airport Terminals 10-13 (TSI)

Tsarlack Airport (DTX)

Montetsarlo Airport (RNX)

Ts.F.D - Tsarlbergmount Landing Strip (TFD)

Tsarlack Port West Pier Airport (TPW)

Fulland Air Base (FUD)


International Airlines:



Code Data: 2 digit Code: PP
                 3 digit Code: TSZ
                 Callsign: TSARLACK




Royal Tsarlack Information Services


Police Force:


Ts.P.D - Tsarlack Police Department includes air and naval elements.

The Ts.P.D division includes the Montetsarlo Gates Guards.


Fire Brigade:


Ts.F.D – Tsarlack Fire Department


  Military branches:


No regular indigenous military forces; NATO - US Armed Forces (including Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA); Ex.P.D & Ts.P.D



    Transnational Issues

Royal Tsarlack Information Services


Disputes - international:

The State of Tsarlack's unilateral status & Status of US Excadiz.



The State of Tsarlack


Encyclopedia Tsarliotica


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