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Sports.Ts Tsarlack Digital Line-up:
Sports.Ts   Ch: 800
Sports.Ts Clubs   Ch: 806
Sports.Ts I & R  
Ch: 807
Sports.Ts News 
Ch: 808
Sports.Ts: Am. Football   Ch: 812 (Ts€)
Sports.Ts: Athletics   Ch: 815 (Ts€)
Sports.Ts: Basketball   Ch: 818 (Ts€)
Sports.Ts: Boxing   Ch: 822 (Ts€)
Sports.Ts: Cricket   Ch: 824 (Ts€)
Sports.Ts: Cycling   Ch: 826 (Ts€)
Sports.Ts: Soccer   Ch: 833 (Ts€)
Sports.Ts: Golf   Ch: 835 (Ts€)
Sports.Ts: Horse Racing   Ch: 837 (Ts€)
Sports.Ts Olympic Feed   Ch: 846
Sports.Ts: Rugby   Ch: 851 (Ts€)
Sports.Ts: Skiing   Ch: 857 (Ts€)
Sports.Ts: Swimming   Ch: 864 (Ts€)
Sports.Ts: Tennis   Ch: 868 (Ts€)

Sports.Ts Radio Channels:
Sports.Ts Radio Prg. 1   Ch: 8019
Sports.Ts Radio Prg. 2   Ch: 8020
Sports.Ts Radio SPE   Ch: 8022
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