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13 Days Train trip through
the Alps and Central Europe
-North America
-South America
-Middle East
-America M
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Are you going on a Train Trip through the Alps? Here is a Trip Itinerary on what to do and see.


Day 1



Take a flight to Vienna International Airport


TAXI to central Vienna (€40)


Stay at a hotel in Vienna, Austria



Day 2

Vienna, Austria


Do a Bratislava, Slovakia Day Trip from Vienna

[Tour: ~€45pp]



Day 3

Vienna, Austria




Visit the Historical centre of Vienna


Visit the Schonbrunn Palace [Need at least 3 hours to visit the inferior of Palace]





Take the Train from WIEN HBF to SALZBURG HBF Train Stations

[2h 58m Direct, ~€63 Coach]


Salzburg, Austria


Stay at a hotel in Salzburg, Austria 



Day 4

Salzburg, Austria


Do a Salzburg: Original Sound of Music and Historical Walking Tour

[Tour: ~€50pp]




Day 5

Salzburg, Austria



Visit the Eagles Nest in Berchtesgaden, Germany

[Tour:  ~€53pp]




Day 6

Salzburg, Austria



Take the Train from SALZBURG HBF to ZUERICH HB Train Stations

[5h 18m Direct, ~€95 Coach]


Use a ZUERICH HB ATM OR Bureau de Exchange to take CHF Cash.


Zurich, Switzerland


Stay at a hotel in Zurich, Switzerland


Visit the Zurich historical city centre sites



Day 7

Zurich, Switzerland


Visit the Jungfraujoch Mountain - Top of Europe (from Zurich)

[Tour: ~€170pp]


Day 8

Zurich, Switzerland



Take the Train from ZUERICH HB to GENEVE CFF Train Stations

[2h 38m Direct, ~€65 Coach]


Geneva, Switzerland


Stay at a hotel in Geneva, Switzerland


Visit the Geneva city sites including the United Nations buildings.


Day 9

Geneva, Switzerland


Visit Chamonix in France and the Mont Blanc

[Tour: ~€180pp]


Day 10 – Do this on a Saturday

Geneva, Switzerland


Do a Lausanne, Montreux and Château de Chillon Day Trip from Geneva

[Tour: ~€155pp – Available only Saturdays]


Day 11



Take the Train from GENEVE CFF to MILANO CENTRALE Train Stations

[3h 53m Direct, ~€78 Coach]


Milan, Italy


Stay at a hotel in Milan, Italy


Visit the Milan city sites


Day 12 – Do this on a Monday

Milan, Italy


Do a Genoa and Portofino Day Trip from Milan

[Tour: ~€120pp – Available only Mondays]



Day 13

Milan, Italy


Use Malpensa Express Train to go to Airport €15

Buy Tikets at the Malpensa Express self-service ticket machines located at platform nr. 3 in Milano Central Station;



Take a flight out from Milan–Malpensa Airport



The above Travel Itinerary is provided by Pan Mill for entertainment purposes only as is, and is not intended for commercial use. Pan Mill nor TsarlackONLINE shall be liable for any actions taken in reliance thereon. TsarlackONLINE in no way endorses the validity of the above data. Tsarlack is a fictional account of an island nation-state simulation. All data provided by the TsarlackONLINE Networks on are based, for the most part, upon fictional information. By accessing the TsarlackONLINE sites, a user agrees not to copy and/or redistribute the information found therein.

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