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5 Days Trip to Argentina and Uruguay
5 Days Trip to Argentina and Uruguay
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Are you visiting Argentina?  Here is a Trip Itinerary on what to do and see during your stay.


Stay at a hotel in Buenos Aires


Day 1:

Do this on a Saturday or Sunday



Free tour through the Casa Rosada

50 Balcarce, Mirocentro

Tel: 4344-3802 / 4344-3805

Open: 10am-6pm Saturday, Sunday and holidays - every 10 minutes / Duration 60 minutes

Admission: free - ID Requested for security reasons

Cameras are permitted on the tour, but no flash.



Also Visit

Museo del Bicentenario  - below (Behind) Casa Rosada

Address: Avenida Paseo Colon, 100, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Open: 11am-7pm

Admission: free

[The Museum is the remains of the old Spanish Fort of Buenos Aires where Casa Rosada is build on!]



Go to Recoleta Cemetery to visit Evita Perons mausoleum

The Cementerio de la Recoleta:

Address: Azcuénaga, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone:+54 11 4803-1594

Open: 7am-5.45pm daily

Admission: free

This is where all the rich families in Buenos Aires have their final resting places. Expect to see big ornate tombs. Be sure to visit the tomb of Eva Perón, the daughter of an aristocrat and beloved First Lady who, despite having the most visited tomb in the cemetery, is considered by many to be too close toward the people for eternal interment in Recoleta.


Go north to see University Building and Floralis Generica Sculpture.



Visit the

Museo Evita

Address: Lafinur 2988, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina

Transport Subte D, Plaza Italia/37, 59, 60, 102 bus

Telephone 011 4807 9433, 011 4807 0306

Open: 1-7pm Tue-Sun

Admission: AR$5

Opened in 2001, this museum is housed in an aristocratic residence that Juan Perón expropriated; he converted it into a women's shelter for his wife's quasi-statal welfare agency. Paintings, posters and busts are displayed alongside the outfits Eva wore on tours of Europe, with the star exhibits being two dresses designed by Paco Jamandreu, which she wore for her audiences with the Pope, and her libreta cívica (ID card): number 0.000.001. Arguably better than the museum itself is the newly refurbished restaurant and outdoor terrace.


Day 2:



Do a Gaucho Day Trip from Buenos Aires to Don Silvano Ranch

From Buenos Aires do a scenic ride through the Argentine pampas (plains) to Estancia (Ranch) Don Silvano. When you arrive at the estancia, your day of gaucho fun begins with a friendly welcome reception including empanadas, wine and juice.

Visit some of the ranch’s attractions, including the museum and bakery, before watching a milking demonstration – you can even participate in this daily activity if you like! Then watch the gauchos saddle up the horses, and take off on a leisurely horseback ride through the countryside.

Back at the ranch, during lunch, be entertained by a folkloric song and dance show, and then work off your meal by participating in some traditional Argentine dances. Later, go for a carriage or tractor ride, and then watch the gauchos show off their incredible horse-riding skills with ring races and other performances.

Before heading back to Buenos Aires, enjoy a glass of mate (an Argentine drink of yerba mate leaves steeped in hot water) accompanied by sweet cakes with quince jelly.


Day 3: Visit Uruguay


Book at

>>>>Ferry to Montevideo >>>>>>

7:30am BUENOS AIRES - Pto de Dna NORTE

10:45am MONTEVIDEO - Puerto de Montevideo



Once in Montevideo, first visit Playa Pocitos, [De los Pocitos Beach]

Walk the Rambla along the shore.

Along the Rambla can be found many chic and fancy restaurants



Visit Independence Plaza, which divides Montevideo’s old and new areas and is dominated by a large statue of Uruguay's great military leader, José Artigas.

On the east side of this prominent plaza, you'll find Palacio Salvo, a 26-story building completed in the 1920s that was once the tallest building in Uruguay. Admire its beautiful architecture before exploring the west end of the plaza, where you'll see Puerta de la Ciudadela, one of the few remaining structures of the city wall that once surrounded colonial Montevideo.



Head to the area of El Prado, home to Prado Park and three soccer stadiums. Continue to the elegant residential areas of Carrasco, Punta Gorda and Pocitos. Take in gorgeous coastal views from Punta Gorda and admire the endless beaches of Pocitos. Browse local shops while strolling down the beachside promenade.


>>>>Ferry back to Buenos Aires >>>>>>

8:30pm MONTEVIDEO - Puerto de Montevideo

9:45pm BUENOS AIRES - Pto de Dna NORTE


Day 4:



Do a Pope Francis Organised Tour of Buenos Aires (€76pp)




Visit the Puerto Madero area with many restaurants along the Waterfront


Day 5:



Visit the Caminito alley "little walkway"

in the La Boca neighbourhood of Buenos Aires




            Do a Tango Dinner Show           


Piazzolla Tango

Florida 165 · Subsuelo (Galería Güemes), C1005AAC · Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires · Argentina

 (54) (011) 4344-8200

 0810-333-TANGO (8264)



Recommended Cafe for afternoon tea or coffee:

Cafe Tortoni

Address:  Avenida de Mayo, 825, Buenos Aires 1084, Argentina   (El Centro)



Recommended restaurant for Argentine steak:

Don Julio Steakhouse

Address:  Guatemala 4699, 1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina {in Palermo Soho}

Phone:+54 11 4832-6058



The above Travel Itinerary is provided by Pan Mill for entertainment purposes only as is, and is not intended for commercial use. Pan Mill nor TsarlackONLINE shall be liable for any actions taken in reliance thereon. TsarlackONLINE in no way endorses the validity of the above data. Tsarlack is a fictional account of an island nation-state simulation. All data provided by the TsarlackONLINE Networks on are based, for the most part, upon fictional information. By accessing the TsarlackONLINE sites, a user agrees not to copy and/or redistribute the information found therein.

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